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Russian G8/G20 NGOs Working Group Plan

G8&G20 Russian NGOs Working Group Activities
during G20 Russian Presidency 2012-2013

What does the Russian G8 and G20 NGOs working group plan to do in 2012-2013?

  • Preparation of recommendations reflecting the various of civil organizations with regard to the official agenda issues for the Mexican G20 summit in 2012 and for the Russian G20 summit in 2013
  • Organization of seminars, round tables, press-events with participation by independent experts able to facilitate more accurate definition of priorities, positions and approaches of civil society institutions and national and international NGOs with regards to the G20 summit agenda issues announced by Mexico for 2012 and next G20 Summit in Russia in 2013.
  • Performance of civil expert assessment of official G20 documents of particular public interest.
  • Provide and disseminate information among the all interested parties through and twitter @G8_G20_NGOs_RUS. This is a discussion space open for free exchange of views, a repository of ideas and recommendations intended both for participants in the G20 consultation process and for national and global experts with content in English.