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Consultations and Recommendations of Civil Society for G8/G20

The consultations with Russian NGOs have become a tradition of the preparatory stage since 2006 G8 Summit in St. Petersburg.  The main goal of such consultations is to clarify the civil society position on priority issues determined by the presiding country. 

During G20 Summit in 2012, Mexican Government will conduct a broad outreach dialogue during its Presidency that will include a set of structured dialogues with NGOs and the civil society both national and global.

On our webpage you will find information how the Russian G8&G20 NGOs working group works, its mission, activities and mechanisms of cooperation with Russian Sherpa Office and Officials.

How does the Russian G8/G20 NGOs working group work?

  • Initiating reports on Civil Society positions on G20 official agenda;
  • Organizing and conducting national discussions;
  • Fulfilling civil expertise, evaluation of ideas, recommendations, projects proposed for the discussion at the G8&G20 Summits and having a huge social interest (if needed international experts can be involved);
  • Collecting and fulfilling primary analysis of ideas, recommendations for G20 summit in Mexico in 2012 and in Russia in 2013;
  • All the collected materials- recommendations, idea, expert evaluations- will be transmitted to G20 Sherpas;
  • The Secretariat of G8&G20 NGOs Working Group is responsible for forming groups of NGOs experts to prepare documents detained for the discussion by wide range of civil representatives. 
  • All the initiatives of the NGOs to create new expert groups are also welcome: they may approach the Secretariat with their proposals through  It is the main source of information for the   discussion field, accumulator of ideas, recommendations, dedicated for Civil        Society and experts.

How are the Civil Society’s consultations organized?

  • The main task of Russian G8&G20 NGOs working group is to prepare and to introduce NGOs recommendations to G20 Summit to agenda through the Russian Sherpa Office.
  • The discussion on the priorities of the Russia presidency in G20 in 2013 will be held simultaneously. The materials prepared by the Russian G8&G20 NGOs working group will be passed to the Sherpa Office to get acquainted with the position of civil society institutions and, as we hope, to use it while elaborating decisions.
  • G8&G20 NGOs Working Group will also serve as mechanism for public monitoring of fulfillment of decisions of the G20 leaders that attract particular public interest.