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What is Civil 20

Civil G20 is a meeting for policy dialogue between the Political Leaders of G20 countries and representatives of civil society organizations working on the issues related to the agenda of G20 Summit. The goal of Civil G20 meeting is to facilitate exchange of ideas and opinions about the agenda of the G20 Summit and discuss pertinent issues which are of relevance to civil society with a view to making substantive contributions to policy formulation based on the civil society assessment of the main agenda and issues of the G20 Summit.

*«Civil Society encompasses all individuals and organizations that are not governmental. Therefore, included are: grassroots groups, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), academics, think-tanks, individuals who do not presently work for any level of government or governmental organizations, and the private or for-profit sector» (Lombardi D., 2009)

When was Civil 20 established

The G20 civil society deliberations date back to Toronto summit in June 2010. However, as a structured process Civil 20 was first establishes during the Russian G20 presidency in 2013.