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Civil20 Process during the presidency of the Russian Federation in the "Group of Twenty" in 2013 has been successfully completed.

Civil20 Outcome Documents

We invite You to join in the process of "Civil BRICS" 2014

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The BRICS countries can combat HIV/AIDS epidemic together
Conference of Federal service for Surveillance on Consumer Rights Protection and Human Wellbeing «Epidemiologic Surveillance of HIV-infection and co-infections including tuberculosis and ways of prevention of new cases»
First Round table in the framework of Civil8 process in 2014
The first G8 Food Security Working Group Meeting
G20 finance ministers agree global growth target of two percentage points
Round table "Problems of HIV/AIDS and Global Security": Civil 8 Position Paper on HIV/AIDS discussion
C8 Working Paper on HIV/AIDS: Position Paper
1st High-Level Meeting of the Global Partnership
"Civic Engagement in Open Public Governance" Working Group Announcement
Russian G8/G20 NGOs Working Group Meeting
First experts meeting to prepare a ministerial meeting on combating illegal drug trafficking
BRICS 2014 summit likely to be held in July
Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals took place from the 3-7 Feb 2014
1st G8 Accountability Working Group Meeting
G8 experts to discuss the issues of fighting infectious diseases